Your contentment and life satisfaction is worth the investment of therapy and overall well being management. If you are hungry, you eat; if you are physically ill, you seek medical attention; if you want your child to improve in gymnastics, you hire a coach; therapy is no different. If you want life change and improvement, it is highly encouraged that you consult a therapist and reap the benefits of progression.

Out-Of-Network: Many clients have out-of-network benefits that cover a portion of their session service; each plan is different, but on average, 40-60% of therapy costs are covered by insurance, post deductible. Insurance carriers will provide their members with out-of-network plan benefit coverage specified by the member’s individual policy. Clients are provided with digital or paper documents to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement when using out-of-network benefits.

In-Network: partnerships with Value Options, Beacon, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MultiPlan, ComPsych, Aetna, & Magellan are in place. Each client’s policy is unique; being an in-network clinician does not guarantee therapy will be covered. It is important that each individual’s policy benefits are verified. New clients are asked to provide insurance information at least 3 business days before their appointment time to help facilitate the billing team’s verification. And it is always encouraged that clients contact their insurance carrier directly to obtain benefits coverage details.

For billing and insurance related assistance, please contact contact our office and Tanja Santiago or a member of the HPC Billing Team will be able to assist you: | (972) 439-5751.