Your contentment and life satisfaction is worth the investment of therapy and overall well being management. If you are hungry, you eat; if you are physically ill, you seek medical attention; if you want your child to improve in gymnastics, you hire a coach; therapy is no different. If you want life change and improvement, it is highly encouraged that you consult a therapist and reap the benefits of progression.

 Insurance: in-network for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Beacon Health, and Value Options. Sessions are currently considered out-of-network for other insurance providers. For out-of-network sessions, a document will be provided to you for submission to your insurance company for policy specific reimbursement.  Many clients have out-of-network benefits that cover a portion of their session service; each plan is different, however on average, typically, 40-60% of a session fee is covered by insurance, post deductible. Your insurance company can provide you with details regarding your out-of-network benefit coverage for psychotherapy sessions.

Current clients, for billing and insurance related assistance, please contact Top Resource Medical Billing via email:; phone : (972) 207-8401; or fax: (972) 214-710-2156; they will be happy to assist you!